IGG Chocolate Chunk Cookies – Shipping within Ireland only

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IGG Cookies – part of the Creating Entrepreneur Opportunities (CEO) project. – Shipping within Ireland only.

What is the IGG Cookie Programme?

IGG’s Cookie programme helps girls and women to develop business skills while earning money for their Unit. Each Unit decides how many to order, how to sell them and how to manage their profits. In doing this they develop the following four business skills – Teamwork, Goal-setting, Communication and Money Management, and can earn the IGG Cookie badge.  There are two flavours of cookies: Original Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Enrobed Chocolate Chunk.

How to order your cookies

To order your Unit’s supply, please bear in mind that you must order in batches of 4 boxes of  the sames flavour cookies.   The chocolate enrobed cookie boxes contain 12 packets so the minimum order will have 4×12= 48 packets.  These cookies are butter bases and are a larger size to the chololate chip ones from last year.  Due to their larger size there are 7 cookies in each pack.

Packets should be sold at €3.00 each and the Unit keeps €1 per packet, returning the balance to National Office to cover the costs of production, delivery and promotion.

Members of the public can order packets of biscuits from their local Unit, and the profits from those sales stays local.

Delivery and Payment   –  Shipping within Ireland only.

The cookies themselves are produced by East Coast Bakehouse in Drogheda, Co. Louth. They will be delivered to the Leaders address in October, in time for Cookie Month (November).  Money must be paid to National Office.

For any queries, please email cookies@irishgirlguides.ie

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