Outreach Pack

The pilot outreach project clearly demonstrated the necessity for IGG to develop materials and resources which would demonstrate the positive benefits of integration of girls and women from minority ethnic communities into IGG units. It would equip our Leaders with the information, skills, and tools necessary to reach out into the wider community. 

This Outreach Pack was created and developed in order to:

  • Give advice on the integration of immigrant and minority ethnic women and children into IGG.
  • Enable leaders to adapt their educational programmes to the needs of these new members.
  • Provide practical activities to raise awareness about issues such as diversity and interculturalism for use in IGG units.

The Outreach Pack is subdivided into three sections for ease of use. (Click on the image to access the pack)


Section One gives an introduction to IGG’s Outreach Programme. It includes considerations Leaders should make when recruiting and integrating girls and women from minority ethnic communities into their local units. Definitions on prejudice, racism, stereotyping and discrimination are provided. This section also provides Leaders with help points for more effective cross cultural communication and examples of cultural and comunicational diversity. Aspects of Guiding that may unintentionally exclude potential members are also pointed out.  






Section Two  provides many examples of awareness raising activities that can be carried out by leaders with the girls in their local units. These activities are an exciting and fun way of exploring different cultures around the world, our own identity and how people from different backgrounds interact. By taking part in the activities, girls will start to appreciate the similarities abd differences between their way of life and the way of life of other cultures. Logos for the appropriate IGG Branch (Ladybird, Brownie, Guide and Senior Branch) are printed beside each activity so that Leaders can see at a glance if the activity is suitable for the age range of girls they are working with.






’Notes to leaders’ are provided and give practical advice on best practice in briefing the girls before and after carrying out the activities with them.

The activities are subdivided into the following categories - identity and belonging, diversity and respect, cross cultural communication, inclusion and exclusion, celebrating cultural diversity. The latter category includes samples of crafts,  recipes, songs and games from other countries. References are listed at the back of the pack should Leaders wish to source further activities on any of these topics.  






Section Three includes useful background information for Leaders regarding various nationalities living in Ireland and the major religions practised in Ireland.

For each of these religions, practical information is provided regarding diet, dress and religious observances so that leaders with a member(s) from a minority ethnic community will know what adaptations, if any, they may have to make to their weekly programme or when going on an outing or to a residential event. 

Contact information for the major religions in Ireland is also provided should leaders require further information, help or advice. Useful contact details for appropriate organisations in Ireland are also listed.   





Use of the pack

It is envisaged that leaders will use sections one and three as reference information to be accessed as appropriate, and will use section two with the girls in the units on a regular, on-going basis.

These activities have been cross-referenced with the programme material for the appropriate IGG Branch - Ladybird, Brownie, Guide and Senior Branch - so that leaders will know when the girls in their units have completed a section of the educational Guiding programme by carrying out an outreach activity.

For further questions or information about any aspect of this pack, please telephone the Irish Girl Guides National Office at 01-6683898 or 01-6689035 and ask to speak to the Support Officer or email support@irishgirlguides.ie.