Here you will find forms and publications to download as well as details of the many resources that IGG has to offer, so you can have lots of extra ideas on activities to do with your Units.

Download Trefoil News, the IGG Handbook or The Welly! You can also download all of the free publications that you should have as an IGG member; Code of Ethics, Leading the Way and Safety Guidelines along with many more. 

On the left hand side you can simply click on the categories to bring you to your preferred page. Within the Multi-Branch programmes menu is more information on the Road Safety Pack, Outreach Pack and GAT Pack amongst others.

You can also learn how to keep yourself and your Unit members safe while on the internet and learn more about IGG's Online Guide Manager (OGM) 

Plus access great PR resources.  So please explore the Resources menu and if there's anything else that we can help you with contact National Office by emailing 

Below is the list of resources that are available for you by Branch, as outlined in the IGG Handbook. Click here for details of Distribution Centres.


Ladybird Guide Resources (available from Distribution Centres)

I am a Ladybird - materials for all ages of Ladybird Guides. It has a pre-enrolment section and activities for all the seven Spots.

I am a Ladybird Leader - this is a manual for use with I am a Ladybird. It has games, crafts and ideas for a Leader to use in her Unit.

Ladybird Guide Programme CD 

HELP Pack  - Handy Emergency Ladybird Pack is a Leader's pack with activity ideas for when you have no time to plan for a meeting.

Uniform Charts - from six countries to colour.

Link certificates - (only sold with Ladybird Guide to Brownie Guide Link badges).

Ladybird Unit Roll Books

Brownie Guide Resources (available from Distribution Centres)

The Brownie Guide Book - programme book for Brownie Guides.

Brownie Guide Compulsory Challenge Activity Pack - activity ideas for Compulsory Challenges of the Brownie Guide programme.

Brownie Guide Optional Challenge Activity Pack - activity ideas for the Optional Challenges of the Brownie Guide programme.

Brownie Guide Programme for Leaders

Games Pack for Brownie Guides

Programme Progress Chart

Brownie Branch Plan B Six Pack - don't have time to plan for a meeting? This contains plans for 6 themed meetings.

Event Pack for Brownie Events - Useful pack containing Charts; Kit lists; Timetables; Parent's Consent Forms; Information Leaflet for Parents; C1 Form. (Also on CD)

Pack Holiday Resource Book

Safety on the Road - A selection of pictures to use on road safety

Brownie Songs

The Brownie guide to songs - Book and CD

Link Certificates - (sold only with Brownie Guide to Guide Link Badges)

Brownie Event Kit Lists

Parent's Consent Forms

Pack Roll Books

Sixer Roll Books

Brownie Badge Certificates

Guide Resources (available from Distribution Centres)

Just for a Guide - Programme book for Guides

Guide Compulsory Challenge Activity Pack  - activitiy ideas for Compulsory Challenges of Guide Programme

Guide Optional Challenge Activity Pack - activity ideas for Optional Challenges of Guide programme

Programme Progress Chart

Leader's Pack on the Guide Programme

Just for a Patrol Leader - a treasury of information for Patrol Leaders

Guide Hiker Badge Log Book - helpful hints for hiking and recording hikes

Guide Outdoor Cook Badge Log Book - helpful hints for cooking and recording cookouts

Games for Guides - for Guides and Leaders who enjoy doing something slightly crazy now and again

Event Pack for Guide events - useful pack containing Charts; Kit lists; Timetables; Parent's Consent Forms; C1 Form; Information Leaflet for Parents. (Also on floppy disk)

Guide Event Kit Lists

Parent's Consent Forms

Guide Law Laminated Poster

Guide Song Book and CD

National Anthem Leaflet

Gold Award & Siorghlas Award Certificates

IGG and World Flag Chart (coloured)

Company & Patrol Roll Books

Senior Branch & Leaders' Resources

Handbook for Senior Branch (also on CD)

Young Leader Record Cards:

  1. Craft Leader
  2. Campfire Leader
  3. Ladybird Guide Music Leader
  4. Outdoor Leader
  5. Music in the Pack Leader

Welcome to Guiding - reference book for the new Leader

The Handbook of the Irish Girl Guides

IGG Safety Guidelines - advice on insurance, with a list of activities in which IGG members are insured to take part

Code of Ethics and Good Practice - guidelines to protect IGG members

Cash Book - to be used for Unit accounts

Basic Camp and Holiday Standard - record of requirements for Basic Standard

Resources for all Branches

IGG Annual Review - published annually and useful when applying for ETB (formerly VEC) grants, promoting Guiding, etc.

IGG Outdoor Awards Book - activities on 10 different outdoor topics.

Sahan Packs, Junior and Senior - six week programme of activities which raise awareness of life in Somalia.

Drug Awareness Badge Syllabus - for Ladybirds, Brownies and Guides

What's the Story? PR Handbook

International Handbook

Development Education Resource Packs - for Ladybirds, Brownies and Guides

Health Promotion Packs - for Ladybirds, Brownies and Guides/Senior Branch

Road Safety Packs - for Ladybirds, Guides and Senior Branch