Journey Programme

For over 4 years, the Programme Review Steering Committee has worked to create an outstanding programme for our members. They were not alone on this journey and there are so many people they wish to thank.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the surveys and questionnaires, and all of you who gave up your time to feed them your views.  We owe a great debt of thanks to all the volunteers who participated in the boot camps, ‘task and finish groups’, and who did so much work developing super activities in between. To each and every one of you, a massive THANK YOU! 

We are delighted to be launching the IGG's Journey Programme. The Journey Programme is underpinned by our Guiding Values.

The Journey Programme is designed to ensure that we achieve the Irish Girl Guides’ mission “to enable girls and young women to develop to their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world.” The diagram below shows you how we do this.

1. The Journey Programme has three elements in each Branch programme – Compulsory Challenges, Choice Challenges and Interest Badges.  Within each Branch programme we have interwoven six Adventures: Guiding; Outdoors; Teamwork; Change; Lifeskills and Global Awareness.  The Journeys are progressive and so, through her time in Guiding, the girl will develop and grow.

2.The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) Guiding Principles are incorporated in the programme: Commitment through the Promise and Law; Progressive self-development; Learning by doing; Teamwork through the Patrol system; Service in the community; Relationship to nature; Active cooperation between young people and adults; and International experience.

3. In designing this programme we drilled down into IGG’s mission and set 15 national outcomes.  We then took the 15 national outcomes and broke them down into each of the four IGG Branches.  As a Leader you will see that these outcomes are part of each challenge in the Journey Planner specific to your Branch.  We designed the programme to make reaching the outcomes seamless. 

4. Follow the programme and you can be assured of success.  Together we can achieve the IGG mission

You will need two publications to run the Journey Programme in your Unit. The Leader Travel Guide, along with your Branch specific Journey Planner will guide and support you in delivering a super programme to your girls. 


The Leader Travel Guide will give all Leaders, an overview and understanding of the Irish Girl Guide Programme for Girls.  The Leader Travel Guide will give you an overview of the journey ahead, the best pathway for you and hopefully some helpful tips to guide you along the way. 


By reading the Leader Travel Guide Leaders will understand how through the Irish Girl Guide Journey Programme we are able to demonstrate clear outcomes for girls and how together we can achieve our mission: 

The Mission of the Irish Girl Guides is to enable girls and young women to develop to their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world.


In addition to the Leader Travel Guide you will then need the Journey Planner for your Branch.  The Journey Planner provides practical examples for each challenge in the programme. It is not a prescriptive guide. Rather, it is a starting point in your work. The programme will only truly come to life when you add a little imagination. The Programme Review team encourage you to do this, experiment with what works best with your girls, and create the most meaningful experience possible for them.

Think of Guiding as an exciting expedition – if each Branch Leader ensures that her Ladybirds, Brownies, Guides and Senior Branch members are supported through their leg of the journey, we can ensure that the girl can travel great distances as she develops and grows to her full potential.

Please click on the pictures below to see a one page overview of each Branches programme.

The Programme has 15 NationalOutcomes.  As a Leader you don’t need to worry about ticking any boxes – they are seamlessly integrated into the programme.  Through the progressive Journey programme of the Irish Girl Guides the girls will gain specific knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and values that will help them achieve the outcomes.

  1. Girls develop a strong sense of their own identity.
  2. Girls develop moral and ethics based on Guiding values and principles.
  3. Girls recognise the importance of physical activity.
  4. Girls seek challenges.
  5. Girls develop critical thinking.
  6. Girls develop a holistic approach to their health and well being.
  7. Girls promote cooperation and team building.
  8. Girls develop empathy and emotional resilience.
  9. Girls promote diversity and non-discrimination.
  10. Girls are equipped to enjoy and survive outdoor living.
  11. Girls feel connected to their communities locally and globally.
  12. Girls are socially and environmentally conscious.
  13. Girls are resourceful problem solvers.
  14. Girls advocate for the rights of their community and inspire others to join them in taking action.
  15. Girls as members of a world movement are empowered to make a difference globally.