Ladybird Guides Introduction

Welcome to Ladybird Guides! 

Ladybird Guides are aged 5 - 7 years and are encouraged to share, help others, learn about teamwork, enjoy nature and discover the world around them. By learning these valuable skills through Ladybirds, they are introduced to the principles of Guiding.


“Ladybird Guides care and share”


“I will try to do my best, to love my God* and help other people.”

*The word "God" can be replaced by the word "faith" according to one's spiritual beliefs.

When a Ladybird Guide makes her Promise she holds up the two fingers beside her thumb on her right hand. This represents the two parts to their Promise “to love God” and “to help other people.”

Ladybird Guides

Learning to grow in independence
Activities, including songs and games
Dainty red sweatshirt with Ladybird Guide logo 
Yes it is great fun
Busy and bright and sometimes quiet
I is for the family of Guiding to which we all belong
Ready to help with a smile
Discover the world

What Resources are available?

I am a Ladybird. This contains material for all ages of Ladybird Guides. It has a pre enrolment section and activities for all the seven Spots. 

I am a Ladybird Leader   This is a manual for use with I am a Ladybird. It has games, crafts and ideas for a Leader to use in her unit.

Health Promotion book for Ladybirds

Ladybird Guide Song book and CD

Ladybird DVD

Development Education Pack

HELP (Handy Emergency Ladybird Pack.) This a great resource to have when you’ve had a busy week and haven’t had time to plan a meeting.

Road Safety Pack