New Insurance Policy for International Trips

The standard rate of insurance for travelling abroad is €15 per person. 

What do you need to do?

As Leader-in-Charge simply enclose a cheque with your C4 form for the appropriate rate as indicated above multiplied by the total number of people who are going on your trip. On page 2 of the C4 form you are asked to write in the amount of people attending the trip so the amount on your cheque should reflect this number. The cheque should be made payable to “Irish Girl Guides” and sent with the C4 form to the International Secretary c/o National Office.

 Benefits to you:


  • These rates are very competitive, meaning you don’t have to spend time shopping around with other insurance companies.
  • You pay in one single payment to IGG so you’re payment is secure
  • If the unfortunate happens and you run into trouble for whatever reason, there is just one company to deal with, rather than trying to sort out all the various conditions of each of your Guide’s policies – this can be extremely stressful and time consuming
  • Our brokers are familiar with IGG and we work very well together so any claims that need to be made are likely to be very smooth.
  • The policy covers connecting flights and service projects as standard


Further details are also in the new Safety Guidelines booklet which you received with your September 2011 issue of Trefoil News or these are available free of charge from National Office. 


It is advisable that you build the rate of €15 into your trip costs from the start. This new policy will be compulsory and will be for all members of the group, regardless of whether or not the Leaders would be taking part in the activities.


For more details on the new Travel Insurance Policy, please see the 2015 Safety Guidelines