IGGNITE 2017 international camp

The countdown to our 2017 international camp has officially begun following the launch of IGGNITE at CONNECT in Rockwell College, Tipperary, on 21 August 2016!

IGGNITE will be taking place from 30 July 2017 – 6 August 2017 and we look forward to welcoming Guides from many different countries!

The application process for IGG members is described below. 

Ladybird Day - See the international edition ofTrefoil News for details. 

Brownie Day and Overnight - See the international edition ofTrefoil News for details.

IGGNITE Camp Challenge Badge

Do the IGGNITE Camp Challenge! See here for details. 


Camp Merchandise is also available from the Dublin Distribution Centre, including IGGNITE hoodie, polo shirt and back pack. These are available from the online Guide shop.

Guides/Senior Branch/Leaders/Unit Helpers

Guides & Senior Branch (up to aged 16) doing activities & camping with their Unit: €250 for the week. (This cost includes all activities, food, transport, camp booklet, neckerchief and t-shirt). 

Leaders/Adult Helpers/Senior Branch (not doing activities) camping with their Unit: €150. (This includes Leader activities, food, transport, neckerchief, t-shirt and camp booklet). Each Region is planning on reimbursing €50 per person who is coming to work. Please contact your Region to find out how this is being done. 

All Central and Activity Staff: €150. (This includes training, food, transport, neckerchief, t-shirt and camp booklet). Each Region is planning on reimbursing €50 per person who is coming to work. Please contact your Region to find out how this is being done.

Children (under 10) of Leaders/Staff/Senior Branch: €75. This includes activities in the Children’s Club each day, food, transport, neckerchief and t-shirt).



This application is now available on your OGM dashboard (in the Girls’ section of OGM).  It looks for- 

  • a Unit contact person - this is the person who will inform your girls about the essential camp info. 
  • a CO name and email - if this is not sorted yet, please say that where the name should go and, for the moment, put in your own email address. We can change this afterwards when we help you find a CO
  • numbers of everyone on your site & those who will be in central/activity staff that you are paying deposits for
  • then send us on your deposits - €50 for each person - adult or child - that will be at camp. The details of which are explained below.



To apply to come as part of the staff team at camp (central or activity) you will find the application form here. Once you have filled in your form, you need to pay for camp as well - your deposit is due by 4 November 2016. The details are explained below.  



There are 3 payment options - 

Bank Transfer: Please label this as your Region and then your name. 

Bank/Branch: AIB Morehampton Road, Dublin4
Account Name: ”Irish Girl Guides National Programme No 2” International Bank Account Number (IBAN): IE68AIBK93103913300364
Bank Identifier Code (BIC): AIBKIE2D

Cheque: made payable to ”Irish Girl Guides National Programme No 2".
Personal cheques not accepted.
Postage Address: Emma Crowe, IGGNITE 2017, National Office, Trefoil House, 27 Pembroke Park, Dublin 4, Ireland

PayPal: You will receive an invoice from us shortly to link you to PayPal.

If you have any questions regarding payment please email iggnite2017finance@gmail.com.

We look forward to the year ahead! If you have any queries, please get in touch with the IGGNITE team at camp2017@irishgirlguides.ie.

International enquiries should be sent to iggnite2017international@gmail.com.

To keep up to date with IGGNITE plans, like the IGGNITE Facebook page