Child and Adult Protection

The Irish Girl Guides values its members and has a programme aimed at the development of girls and young women in which all aspects of unsociable behaviour including bullying, harassment and abuse are unacceptable.

Our Leaders are trained to implement our programme in which the needs of the girl are a priority.

All adult members/Unit Helpers must understand, and agree to abide by, the Irish Girl Guides Code of Ethics and Good Practice.

If allegations or suspicion of abuse arise, our adult members/Unit Helpers are advised to notify the Safeguarding Membership Officer in IGG National Office who will assign a Reporting Officer immediately. The Reporting Officer will seek advice from Tusla and act within the guidelines laid down by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

If an adult member’s/Unit Helper's behaviour or negative influence is considered by a Commissioner, or a Reporting Officer, to be causing concern, it is a requirement of the Irish Girl Guides that the person in question withdraws from the role, or is withdrawn immediately, pending an investigation.

Data Protection Policy

Under the Irish Data Protection legislation, everyone has rights with regard to how their personal information is handled. In order to fulfil its mission, Irish Girl Guides may collect, store and process personal information about members, volunteers, staff, service providers and suppliers.

Irish Girl Guides, as the Data Controller with responsibility for the management of personal data by its members, recognises the need to treat this data in an appropriate and lawful way and is committed to doing so. 

We have compiled this Data Protection Policy document to provide a concise policy statement regarding the Data Protection obligations of Irish Girl Guides (IGG). This includes obligations in dealing with personal data, in order to ensure that the organisation complies with the requirements of the relevant Irish legislation, namely the Irish Data Protection Act (1988), the Irish Data Protection (Amendment) Act (2003) and the European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services) (Privacy and Electronic Communications) Regulations 2011.

Irish Girl Guides’ policies and related statements provide a structure in which Guiding can take place safely. Policies must be followed by IGG members, staff and recognised volunteers involved in delivering or supporting Guiding.


Equality and Inclusion*

The Irish Girl Guides respects and values the diversity of its members and of society.  As an organisation we believe in being fair, open and inclusive, while still being committed to the concept of a girl-only association for the development of girls and women in Ireland. As a faith-based organisation, the Irish Girl Guides is open to girls of every faith, and the religious beliefs of all are respected. Through Guiding girls are helped and encouraged to deepen their spiritual faith in accordance with the enrolment Promise.

The Irish Girl Guides is committed to promoting interculturalism throughout the organisation for youth members, volunteers, members of management committees and staff. IGG believes that valuing and managing diversity is about recognising and appreciating individual needs and differences and treating everyone with dignity and respect. 

The Irish Girl Guides undertakes its responsibility to comply with equality legislation. As such it is committed to ensuring that no young person or adult is treated less favourably than another on grounds of: race, membership of the Traveller Community, sexual orientation, civil status, family status, disability, age. 

Anyone who lives their life as female is welcome to join and male adults are welcome in a supportive role as Unit Helpers.

The Irish Girl Guides is committed to prevent any form of discrimination, inequality or denial of equal opportunity, whether direct or indirect against youth members, volunteers, members of management committees and staff. IGG is committed to ensure that it fulfils its legal obligation under existing equality legislation.

The Irish Girl Guides seeks to actively demonstrate its celebration of diversity and its commitment to equality by placing these tenets central to all the policies, processes, procedures and programme of the organisation. 

* IGG’s detailed Equality and Inclusion Policy is available from the Irish Girl Guides National Office.

Volunteering Policy

The Irish Girl Guides is dependent on volunteers and as a volunteer-led national youth organisation places great importance on their input in all aspects of the organisation. Membership of the Irish Girl Guides (IGG) is open to all girls over 5 years of age and women of all ages who are prepared to accept the Guide Law and Promise. IGG provides a non-formal educational programme in the Republic of Ireland that is dynamic and flexible while offering values-based training in life skills, decision-making and leadership. Our adult leaders all work in a volunteer capacity and are trained to implement our programme in which the needs of the individual girl are a priority. There are also opportunities for adult members to volunteer to be involved in other ways e.g. committee membership, administration, specific skill teaching.

IGG defines a volunteer as an individual who freely assists IGG without receiving any compensation for their time or services offered.  IGG seeks to involve suitable adult volunteers who share the ethos and values of our organisation and have an interest in the development of girls and young women. IGG takes all reasonable steps to welcome and support our volunteers and value their contributions through training and clear policies and procedures.

IGG is a uniformed  organisation and welcomes female volunteers of all backgrounds, ages, cultures, faiths and abilities (see IGG’s Equality and Inclusion Policy) to work as Leaders and Unit Helpers with our different age groups:- Ladybirds, Brownies, Guides and Senior Branch.

Male volunteers can act as Unit Helpers. Many Units have a rota whereby a group of parents or other adult volunteers take it in turn to help at the weekly Unit meeting.

Volunteering with IGG is a rewarding way to help girls and young women to develop the best in themselves. IGG support its volunteers to develop new skills which are transferable to other areas of life. 

To read IGG's Volunteer Policy in full, please click here


Recruitment and Selection Policy

The Recruitment and Selection process is one that is informed by principles and governed by legislation. Correct procedures must be adhered to and the rights of the applicant must be respected.

The process should be open, fair and transparent. It must be mindful of the needs of the employer and the young people it serves and also respectful of, and sensitive to, the needs and rights of the job applicant.

To read IGG's Recruitment and Selection Policy in full, please click here

Substance Use Policy 

The substance use policy operates within the framework of the Irish Girl Guides’ (IGG) mission statement and supports IGG’s aims and objectives in providing a safe environment for its members, while enabling girls and young women to learn skills that will one day help them to be responsible citizens and adults.

IGG holds the Health Quality (HQ) Mark as a health-promoting youth organisation. IGG is committed to the development, health and well-being of all its members and has a Health Promotion Programme which provides awareness on a number of areas including drugs.

In upholding IGG’s values all members should provide an example they would wish others to follow. IGG expects all its members to comply with the policy below and, where necessary, will enforce the policy with disciplinary procedures as outlined in the IGG Code of Ethics and Good Practice.


Anyone above the legal age for smoking must ensure that they smoke in a discreet, safe manner and in an appropriate legal place away from the girls and young women.


Adults at an event or residential experience involving girls and young women should exercise discretion regarding alcohol. They must abide by the legislation to do with the legal age for drinking alcohol, any guidelines set down prior to an event and the venue policy on the consumption of alcohol. In order to deal with an emergency or first aid incident, at least two adults must abstain from alcohol consumption, at least one of whom must be able to drive and have access to a car if possible.

Adults must not be under the influence of or consume alcohol during any Irish Girl Guide Unit meeting. (For the purposes of this policy adults must comply with the legal alcohol limit as stated under the Irish road traffic legislation).


It is illegal to take non-prescribed drugs not sold over the counter, at any age, and the Irish Girl Guides has an obligation to ensure that the law is upheld.


The Irish Girl Guides do not accept the misuse of solvent-based substances or inhalants by any of its members.                               

Additional information

Further information on Substance Abuse can be found in ‘Irish Girl Guides Handbook’ under Membership Section.

Activities on Drug Awareness can be found in ‘IGG Health Promotion Packs’ which can be viewed or downloaded from the IGG Website.