IGG members unite to ‘grow’ Guiding on World Thinking Day

Well done to everyone who took part in World Thinking Day activities! Let’s hope Guiding in Ireland – and across the globe – will grow as a result of our initiatives.

Well done too to everyone who participated in A-wear-ness Day by wearing their IGG uniform to school, college or work – for showing how proud you are to be part of the Guiding movement.  

Of the 800 million girls around the world today, 10 million are Girl Guides or Girl Scouts. Wouldn’t it be great to increase that number so that even more girls have a safe space in which to grow and develop to their full potential? 

World Thinking Day is the perfect day to celebrate the international friendships we enjoy through the Guiding movement and gives us the opportunity to raise money to deliver life-changing opportunities for girls in developing countries.

IGG Chief Commissioner Helen Concannon says: “We believe that every girl should have the chance to grow, learn and reach her full potential. By joining Ladybirds (age 5-7), Brownies (age 7-10), Guides (age 10-14) or Senior Branch (age 14-30), girls and young women can grow in confidence and independence while developing teamwork, leadership and other essential life skills.”

Ms Concannon says that involvement in Guiding also helps girls and women develop a social and environmental conscience and discover how they can make a difference in their local communities and in the wider world. “Teenage members and young adults also have exciting opportunities to travel and experience different cultures as they mix with Guides from other countries,” she says.

“Guiding provides a safe space where girls can grow and we hope to see the Guide movement grow in Ireland and across the world. We promote fun and friendship and personal growth and, as members of the largest voluntary movement dedicated to girls and young women in the world, the opportunity to take action to promote equality and justice locally and globally.”