Be prepared for World Thinking Day!

World Thinking Day – 22 February – is rapidly approaching! It’s time to get prepared!

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) has produced a fabulous Grow Activity Pack, which is full of ideas, so you won’t be stuck wondering what to do with your girls.

The World Thinking Day (WTD) Challenge for 2017 is a journey of growth, supporting girls and Leaders to introduce the Guiding movement to new members. Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world, along with potential members, will go on a treasure hunt to find ‘seeds of change’. These seeds are a symbol of all efforts to grow the Guiding movement so that girls and women have the opportunity to feel empowered to discover their full potential.

All the activities can be found on OGM and in the international edition of Trefoil News. The tag used is: World Thinking Day 2017.

WAGGGS has also produced a colourful WTD ribbon for social media and we’d encourage you, if you are on social media, to add this to your profile pictures. It’s easy to do! Just follow this link!

It is exciting to think how much the Guiding movement can grow if we all get involved in this year’s challenge! Share your WTD photos and news using the hashtag #LetsGrow.

One part of the challenge we would encourage you to do is to make a music video using the song ‘When We Shine’ and show the world about Guiding in Ireland. Once you have made your video, you can share it with WAGGGS and Sangam World Centre and ourselves! We’d all love to see it!


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