IGG members do 84,000 #GoodTurns!

A whopping 84,000 #GoodTurns were carried out by IGG members during National Good Turn Week. 

From 27 November 2016 to 3 December 2016 Ladybirds, Brownies, Guides, Senior Branchers, Leaders and Trefoil Guild members throughout Ireland carried out #GoodTurns, which benefited their families, friends, neighbours and local communities.

Younger girls voluntarily tidied up their toys, picked up litter and said nice things to cheer up their friends, while older girls and women completed a range of kind acts – from offering to get groceries for an elderly neighbour, packing Christmas presents for those in need, donating blood or supporting a charity.

Newstalk presenter Sarah McInerney, a former Girl Guide from Barna, Co Galway, joined us for the launch of National Good Turn Week at the Gaiety Theatre on 27 November. She said she was happy to lend her support and committed to doing #GoodTurns during the week too. “National Good Turn Week will be positive for individuals, families and communities,” she said. “By the end of the week all the good turns will have had a ripple effect, reaching people across the country.”

IGG Chief Commissioner Helen Concannon said #GoodTurns were at the heart of what Girl Guiding is about. “When girls become members of the Girl Guides, they promise to help other people and to do at least one Good Turn every day. The important thing is that these are tasks which a girl has not been asked to do - they are not everyday household chores, but something she notices needs to be done and she just does it. This is a skill we need all young people to develop – to be active citizens helping others in their communities.”

Anastasia Fitzgerald, a 10-year-old IGG member from Clonmel, said she was looking forward to doing lots of #GoodTurns. “National Good Turn Week means to me the opportunity to help in my community and to show how kind and helpful everyone can be without expecting anything in return,” she said. 

Sarah Glynn, a 10-year-old Girl Guide from Carlow, said that she was going to make an extra effort to be helpful in school by offering to do jobs for her teacher. She said she would also be aware of any of her classmates who needed help finishing their work and would offer to help them. She also promised her parents to do extra jobs around the house in order to give them a rest. “I can’t believe that 84,000 #GoodTurns will be done by IGG members in one week,” she said. “It’s awesome!”

IGG members shared their kind acts on social media using the hashtag #GoodTurns.

Two Guides from Clonmel recorded an RTE ad, which was broadcast eight times during National Good Turn Week.