Guide Branch Badges


Journey Badges

The Guide Journey is a four year programme. Each year the Guides will earn a new Journey badge - Pathfinder, Voyager, Innovator and Trail Blazer. 

A Guide can also earn the National Guide Award if she completes all of Journey Badges.


Guides can sew their badges onto a sash, or  either a pink or blue bag. These can be bought from the Distribution Centres. The badges are to be placed on the side of the bag that has no writing, but they can be placed in no particular order.

Sash layout - click here to see where the badges go on the Guide Sash.


Interest Badges

Interest Badges are the badges that complement the core programme. They have been designed to allow the girls to create an interest in, develop skills in, increase knowledge of, change attitudes towards and investigate a wide variety of topics.

In general badges will take 4 meetings to complete for Guide Branch. 

Here is a list of the wide variety of badges available for Guides. Leaders can access the badge syllabus by logging into OGM. The badge details are also provided in the girls' Guide Travel Folder and the Guide Leader Journey Planner.

Active Body

Art and Craft

Arts Appreciation

Book Lover

Campers Way Bronze

Campers Way Silver

Campers Way Gold

Campfire Leader

Car Care

Care of the Elderly

Child Care


Community Action


Cultural Diversity

Cycle Safety

Disability Awareness

Discovering Faiths

Drug Awareness


Environmental Awareness


Fire Safety

FIrst Aid

Flower Lover

Global Traveller

Green Fingers

Guiding Traditions

Healthy Body

Healthy Friendship

Healthy Mind




Independent Living Skills

Irish Culture and Traditions

Lady Baden Powell

Lord Baden Powell

Money Matters

Map Reader

Nature Observer

Online Surfer

Outdoor Cook

Performing Arts

Personal Safety

Pet Care



Road Safety

Safety in the Home

Science Investigator

Skin Care


Team Player


Water Safety

World Guiding




Other Badges

World Thinking Day badge

A Guide receives this badge when she attends a World Thinking Day ceremony and takes part in activities based on the yearly World Thinking Day theme.

World badge

This badge is worn to show that we are members of a worldwide organization.

Cara badge

If a Guide brings a friend along to a Guide meeting and the friend becomes a fellow Guide, each of them receive half of a cara badge (friendship).

Stitch badge

When stitch comes to visit a Guide Unit, the girls will be able to have a Stitch badge.