FAQ’s for existing Leaders

1. We need more leaders, how do we find them?

Try recruiting among existing parents. Hold a parents information evening and see if you can get some support. See if parents would be willing to draw up a parents’ rota. Put notices in local shops, parish newsletters and local papers. You will find a huge amount of ideas in the Recruitment and Retention booklet and the PR Handbook, both available in the ’Publications’ section of this website or National Office.

2. A number of parents are picking the girls up 20 minutes after the meeting has finished – what can we do?

A “Personal Registration Form for Girls” should be given to each girl in the Unit when she joins. On that form, Conduct Guidelines are printed which the parent (and girls of Guide age and upwards) is asked to sign to agree to abide to. One of the guidelines states that girls should not be left at the meeting venue without ensuring that the leader is present and that girls should be collected immediately after the meeting ends, as the Leaders’ responsibility officially ends at the stated finishing time.

Send a letter home to all parents stating start and finish time of unit meeting and asking them to be prompt in picking their girls up. Include a contact number that a parent can ring if they have been delayed. Remember never bring a girl home alone in your own car.

3. One of the girls in the unit is coming to the unit meetings looking tired. She is withdrawn and has bruises on her arms. I am worried. What should I do?

More information can be found in the Membership Support section.

4. One of our leaders is turning up to meetings but is not participating. What can we do?

Encourage participation by giving the leader a specific role. For example get her to organise the craft or game for the following week. Have a meeting at the start of each term and decide on a six-week programme. Get each leader to take responsibility for a part of the programme each week. Use each others skills – if some one is good at crafts get her to do the crafts but swap around too.