Shamrock Lollipop

Equipment: Green card, gold/bright yellow card, lollipop, paper, 1/3 yard ribbon

Method: Using the picture make a hat template, cut two hat shapes from the green card. Glue the top and sides together but leave the bottom open. Make a hatband from the gold card and glue to the hat. Cut out a shamrock and glue to the hat. Place the hat on the lollipop and glue at the bottom. Cut out eyes, mouth and nose from paper and glue to the lollipop. Tie a ribbon bow around the stick just under the lollipop.

Don't Bug Me door hanger

Equipment:  Lollipop sticks, strong glue, string, bug pictures or stickers, paper, markers

Method:        Glue four large coloured lollipop sticks (available from craft shops) together by gluing another lollipop stick to the back of the four sticks. On paper write “Don’t bug me” and stick it on to your hanger. Draw some insects, colour them and glue them to the hanger or use insect stickers. Finally tie on some string to hang it up with.

Halloween Bats

To make these creatures, just cut out the wings and body, glue them to a clothes peg, and add googly eyes for wonderful bat Halloween decorations.

Equipment: Black paper (construction paper or cardstock) or black fun foam, pencil, scissors, wooden clothespeg, glue, googly eyes.



1. Draw and then cut out a bat's body and wings from black paper (or the fun foam).  Make sure that the body is big enough to cover the clothespeg.

2. Print the template out on plain white paper, then cut out and trace onto black paper or foam.

3. Glue the wings to the clothespeg. Glue the body on the clothespeg. Glue googly eyes to thebat (or use circles of colored paper cut with a hole punch). Clip these great bats all around the house - on curtains, furniture, tablecloths, and anywhere else a bat would like to perch.



Handprint Butterfly Craft

This is a simple craft made from a child's handprint cutouts.

Equipment:  A few pieces of coloured construction paper (stiffer paper makes a more durable butterfly), a pencil, scissors, glue, tape or a stapler, crayons, paint or markers, googly eyes (optional), a pipe cleaner.

Method:        Trace a child's hand on a few pieces of construction paper, for a total of 6 times. These will be the butterfly’s wings. Cut out the tracings on a piece of dark paper, draw a butterfly's body (draw a long oval shape plus a smaller circle at one end). Glue or staple the handprint tracings to the body, three on each side. The fingers should point outwards. Fold a pipe cleaner in half. Curl the ends a bit or wad them into balls. Tape or staple the bent part of the pipe cleaner to the back of the butterfly's head. You now have antennae.Either draw eyes on the butterfly's head or glue on googly eyes. Decorate the wings with crayons or markers. You now have a great butterfly decoration.

Festival Streamers

Equipment:  scissors, coloured crepe paper, sellotape, glue, 2 lollipop sticks per girl

Method:        Cut a long piece of crepe paper 5 cm wide. Using the glue, stick the lollipop sticks together with the end of the crepe paper sandwiched between them, about 3 cm from the end of the stick. Wait until the glue is dry and then dance with your streamer to some music.

Heart Fridge Magnet or Badge

Equipment:   Red, white and pink card, safety pin/magnets, sellotape, glue or double-sided tape.

Method:         Draw hearts on the card - Large hearts on the red card, medium hearts on the white card and small hearts on the pink card. Each Ladybird needs one heart of each type. Stick the hearts on top of each other with glue or double-sided tape, largest heart to the bottom, smallest on top. Then attach the safety pin or magnet, depending on the craft you are making.


Here are my fingerprints

Equipment:   Poem for each child, A4 paper, stamp pad, pencils.

Method:         Copy the little poem onto white paper and have a copy for each girl:

Here are my fingerprints

For everyone to see

No one else has these prints;

They belong to me 

Each girl writes her name on a piece of paper A4 size; then traces her hands onto her paper.

Each child presses each finger on a stamp pad and then onto the corresponding finger on their sheet. Stick the poem onto the sheet.

When this is complete don’t forget to date the piece so that it can be saved by those at home for years to come! 

Handprint Sunflower

Equipment: Yellow & brown paint, Blue paper for background, green paper for stem and leaves.

Method:      Paint a brown circle near the top of your large sheet of construction paper. Next repeatedly press one hand into the yellow paint and then onto the paper around the brown circle. Draw the stem and leaves onto the green construction paper, then cut them out. To finish your picture, glue the stem and leaves onto the paper under the handprints.

Tube Animals

Equipment:    Pictures of heads and tails of animals, kitchen roll inner tubes, markers, card, glue, sellotape, scissors, paper to cover tube.

Method:          Colour the animals, cut out and glue on to card. You need half the kitchen roll tube for each animal. Cover the tubes with paper and colour if you like. Using sellotape or glue, attach the head of the animal to one end of the tube and the tail to the other end.

Wool Octopus

Equipment:  Odd balls of wool, Felt scraps, glue, scissors, a regular sized book


Wind the wool around the length of the book (not too tightly) until you have a nice wad of wrapped wool. Cut this off from the ball of wool.

Carefully take off your wound wool from the book. Using a short piece of wool, tie round the wound wool, about 2 inches (5cm) from the top, and again with another piece of wool a further 4-5 inches (8 - 10 cm) down, tying both knots tightly.

Using the scissors, cut through the small loop. This will be your octopuses' hair.

Cut through the large loop. This is going to make the legs.

Trim the hair to whatever style you wish, remembering not to cut too close to the knot.

Turn your octopus upside down and sit its head between your legs. Divide the cut wool into eight even 'legs' and plait each in turn, using small pieces of wool to tie off each leg, then trim.

Your octopus is almost complete - using the felt, cut out some eyes and a mouth and glue on.

Your octopus is complete !!!