Ladybird Guides

Activities and Games

Activities and Games


All the children run around your meeting room until a Leader calls cabbages. When she does so the children crouch down and hide themselves as small as possible. One of the girls is then covered in a blanket. The leader then calls ‘Cabbages Awake’. All of the Ladybirds wake up and have to guess who is missing. Once they have done so the game continues.


Water Relay

Equipment: Two buckets/large bowls per team, paper cup

Method:        Divide the Ladybird Guides into teams. Place buckets at either end of your  field/outdoor area (2 per team). Fill one bucket with water and line up each team next to their filled bucket. Each girl in turn fills a paper cup with water from the bucket and runs with it to the empty bucket and pours it in. The only problem is that the water spills out as they run. Give each Ladybird Guide a chance. Then measure the amount of water in the second bucket. The team with the most water wins.   


Slip Slop Slap

Aim:              To remind the Ladybird Guides that they should wear a hat, put on sun screen and cover their backs and arms in the sun.

Equipment:  Sun Hat, Sun Lotion and tee shirt for each team.

Method:        Divide the girls into teams and line them up at one end of the room and number each team member 1,2,3,4 etc. The Leader calls out a number and either Slip, Slop or Slap. If the Leader calls “Slip” the girls whose number is called run to the end of the room and put on the tee shirts, take them off again and run back to their team. If “Slop” is called they run and pretend to slop on lots of sun screen. If the Leader calls “Slap” the girls run and put on hats. The first girl back to her team wins a point for her team. The team with the most points wins.

What time is it Mr. Wolf?

One girl is picked to be a wolf, the rest line up at the end of the hall. The wolf has her back to the others. The others shout “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” The wolf might say 2 o’clock, or 6 o’clock and the others take 2 steps or 6 steps towards her, depending on what time she says. When the wolf says “Dinnertime!” the girls have to run back to the wall while she turns around and tries to catch one of the Ladybirds.

Egg Carton Hunt

Equipment: Egg carton per team

Method:       Divide your Ladybird Guides into teams of four. Send out each team with an adult to find:

1.Something soft

2.Something hard

3.Something interesting

4.Something rough

5.Something smooth

6.Something round 

Then when all the teams are back let each team show what they have found.


Equipment: A chair, cushion or piece of newspaper for each Ladybird.

Method:        This game is played like musical chairs except everyone stays in the game. All the children run around the room. When the leader shouts “Ghost” everyone has to find a seat. The leader shouts “all clear” and everyone starts to run again. One seat is taken away and from now on when the leader shouts “ghost” the girls have to share seats. They may only be able to sit on part of a chair or sit on top of each other. By the end of the game all the Ladybirds will have to sit on one seat. Can they manage it?

Mystery Parcel

Equipment:  Shoebox or similar, wrapping paper or crepe paper, decorative items, 10 common household items. 

Method:       Decorate the box and place the items inside - perhaps on a Christmas theme.

Do this in front of your girls, naming each item as you put it in. Now ask the girls to turn their backs and you then remove one item. Tip out the rest and ask the girls to decide which item is missing. Take out more than one item each time if you like.

Pieces of Gold

Equipment: Piece of gold paper per girl, pencils, crock of gold 

Method:       All the Ladybirds are given a big piece of gold paper when they arrive into the meeting place. On one side they draw or write what makes them special and on the other side they write their name. Each piece of gold is put into the Crock of Gold that is kept at the end of the rainbow with the leprechaun in the Ladybird Story. At the end of the day’s meeting each Ladybird picks a piece of gold that is not their own. They try to find their special Ladybird. We each belong in the crock of gold because we are each special. They can take the piece of gold home belonging to their special Ladybird friend.

Tossed Salad

The players stand in a large circle. Each player is given the name of one of four salad ingredients. When the Leader calls out the ingredients the players of that name change places. When she calls ‘Tossed Salad’ everyone changes places. When she calls ‘Salad dressing’ nobody moves. If anyone moves she has to hold her hand behind her back for the rest of the game.

Scrambled, boiled or fried

Leader calls out instructions and girls do the actions according to what she calls out.

If the Leader calls Scrambled Eggs, everyone runs about

If the Leader calls Boiled Eggs, they curl up in a ball

If the Leader calls out Fried Eggs, they must lie flat on the floor

After the girls get a chance to get used to actions, the last person to do the action or any person doing the wrong action is out until you have a winner.