Welcome to the Irish Girl Guides

For Fun! For Adventure! For Friendship!

 The Irish Girl Guides, sometimes more commonly known as IGG, has been in existence since 1911, when the first Guide Unit was set up in Harold’s Cross. In 2011 we celebrated our Centenary with lots of fun activities around the country. 

If you’ve never been involved in Guiding - or maybe you were but have lost touch over the years - there’s never been a better time to get involved! For those of you who have never been involved in Guiding, you don’t know what you’re missing!


The Irish Girl Guides is a uniquely girl-only, youth-driven, active and dynamic organisation. It offers a varied and exciting programme for girls and young women aged 5-30, and opportunities for Leaders of all ages.

In an all-female organisation, the girls are free to progress and express themselves in a comfortable setting. They enjoy the activities as they can ‘just be girls’ without any pressures and learn to be themselves in a safe environment while learning the skills that will one day help them to be responsible citizens and adults.

There are seven Regions in the Irish Girl Guides, covering all 26 counties. Each Region has its own support officer. For details on Regional Development Officers and other staff of the Irish Girl Guides, see Staff and Volunteers 


The Irish Girl Guides has four different age brackets:

Ladybirds are girls aged 5-7

Brownies are girls aged 7 - 10

Guides are girls aged 10  - 14

Senior Branch are girls aged 14  - 30

And from the age of 18 onwards, you can be a Leader with the Irish Girl Guides.

There’s something for everyone!

Each section follows an age specific programme that’s educational but fun!


Girls in Guiding have the opportunity to:

Learn by doing their best

Grow in Self-Confidence

Learn New Skills

Form Close Friendships

Develop Teamwork Skills

Learn Life Skills

Try out great new activities

Gain new experiences

And most importantly, have lots of fun!


We have a strong emphasis on the outdoors, environment, community responsibility and teamwork. The girls’ self-esteem and leadership skills are developed as they progress through Guiding. The Irish Girl Guides actively promotes diversity and inclusion and welcomes girl and young women from all walks of life.

As we are part of a worldwide movement (W.A.G.G.G.S) of over 10 million girls and young women in over 145 countries, the girls' awareness of global issues and sense of solidarity with their fellow Guides around the globe is increased. The girls learn all about campaigning and advocacy and there are also wonderful travel opportunities and camps abroad for our Guides and Senior Branchers. Most people will remember these camps and travel opportunities as life changing experiences or the best experiences of their teenage years. They often make lifelong friends in Guiding and develop strong bonds that will endure for years and years.


Guiding encourages the best in you; it gives you the opportunity to discover new ideas, new skills, new experiences and new friendships. Everyone is welcome in the Irish Girl Guides and the experiences you gain and memories you make will be priceless.


Volunteering with the Irish Girl Guides is a fun, challenging and rewarding experience. If you would like to help out with a Unit or become a Leader and set up a new Unit in your area, please see our information on 'Becoming a Volunteer' or contact National Office on 01-6683898 or email info@irishgirlguides.ie

If you would like to join Guides or Senior Branch, or if you are a parent and you would like to enrol your child in Ladybirds or Brownies, please check the locator map for your nearest Unit or contact National Office on 01-6683898 or email info@irishgirlguides.ie


Irish Girl Guides – helping girls to discover their potential!

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